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Time to Pay Those Dues

If you have not paid your annual lot dues, you may do so in the clubhouse Saturday, March 28, or Sunday, March 29. The clubhouse will be open both days from noon until 4:00 p.m.. Remember, dues are delinquent after April 1st and anyone who has not paid by that time faces the risk of being denied access to the park.

Do Not Put Yard Waste in Dumpster

Someone has been putting yard waste (leaves, etc) in the trash dumpster causing it to become overfilled. The dumpster is for trash only. Please contact the caretaker for instructions on diposing of yard waste. Thank you.

Death Notice

Our friend and fellow Association member, Bob Maret (Lots 82 and 83), passed away Saturday, January 17th while in Texas for the winter. Following are the funeral arrangements:

Thursday, January 22nd; 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.: Visitation at Martin Funeral Home in Warrenton, MO.

Friday, January 23rd; 10:00 a.m.: Funeral service at Jefferson Barracks. If you want to join the funeral procession, please be at the funeral home by 8:15 a.m.. If you will be going directly to Jefferson Barracks, you should be there by 9:45 a.m. to attend the service.

Clubhouse Hours During the Winter

Except for the scheduled monthly Board meetings, the clubhouse has always been closed during the off season. The Board voted on, and accepted, a proposal to open the clubhouse from 12:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. on each Saturday preceding a scheduled monthly Board meeting for the months of December 2014, and January through March 2015.

Association members may utilize the clubhouse during these times to socialize, play cards, etc.; however, the clubhouse will not be available for rental during these times.

Activities Committee

Janet Keener, our current Director of the Activities Committee, will be resigning at the end of the 2014 season. Words cannot express the appreciation we feel for all Jan has done for the betterment of Dogwood Lake Campground. Thank you, Jan.

Lisa Heppermann, Lot 24A, will be taking over as Director of the Activities Committee for the 2015 season. If you are interested in being a member of the 2015 Activities Committee, please contact Janet Heppermann at 636-456-2302, and she will put you in touch with Lisa.

*** Watch for New Website ***

A new website is being created for Dogwood Lake Campground. The domain name/website address will be www.dogwoodlakes.net  and it will provide many of the features contained here as well as some new ones.

Thefts or Vandalism

If you experience vandalism, or theft of property, contact the Warren County Sheriff's Department immediately at 636-456-7088 and file a report. You should provide as much information as possible regarding when the offense may have taken place, suspicious people/vehicles you may have observed, etc. Additionally, provide this same information to a Board member, or via the "Contact Webmaster" selection on the left side menu bar of this website.

The Sheriff's department has immediate access to the campground and will be patrolling it regularly; however, it is in the best interests of every lot owner to be constantly observant and to report any suspicious activity.

Monthly Board Meetings

Monthly Board meetings are held in the clubhouse the first Sunday of each month, and all lot owners are welcome to attend.

IMPORTANT - Revision to Guest Policy

As the result of an Association vote, a significant revision has been made to the Guest Policy of Dogwood Lake Campground. Please click "Policies" on the left hand menu panel to see the latest revision.

Thanks to Volunteers

Without the help from volunteers, maintenance of the campground would cost much more and would most likely result in higher annual assessments. In the coming year, there are a number of projects slated to be accomplished. The Board of Directors will provide notification describing these projects, and a schedule of when the work is planned to to be done.  We will be needing help from volunteers, and will describe the skills desired for each task.

Notice Regarding Warren County Regulations

Every Dogwood Lake Campground lot owner, and potential lot owner, should read the document, "Guide to Warren County Regulations" located in the Policies section of our website. Warren County officials visit our campground frequently and when a violation of these environmental and zoning regulations is observed, the lot owner can be cited and fined. Additional information is available at the Warren County website.